Bigdata Hadoop Administration

30+ Hours


  • The fast emerging platform adopted by most of the IT companies, is covered in-depth concepts, architecture and implementation procedures that suits the need of Administrators.
  • The program is covered in comparison with Oracle DBA and Linux Admin so that it helps the participants to effectively use it for their requirements.
  • The Program extensively covers Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS implementation in detail, tools such as Flume, Sqoop, Hive, PIG conceptual and Configuration in-depth.
  • The program includes the HBase, a Column oriented database Standalone and Cluster Concepts, Configuration and Implementation and also includes the HQL – HBase Query Language.

What is BigData ?

  • Data → In-fact huge volume, dynamic growth and variety of data
  • Technology → A technology to Store – Process – Provide data
  • Technique → Numerous techniques to serve the purpose of the data and create value out of data

What is Hadoop ?

  • A Framework for Storing and Processing BigData
  • Supports Store – Process – Provide large data sets
  • An Open Source software
  • Is a Java based programming model


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