Become READY if you are new to Linux environment.

It’s a REFRESH program if you are currently working in Linux environment and enhance with additional topics.

Will be a REVIVE program if you have earlier worked in the Linux environment and enhance yourself now.

Why LinuxFirst?

  • This program is framed to equip YOU the IT Professional those are is Administration wing of the IT.
  • Presently transition is from Data to BigData and Traditional Infrastructure Management to IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Linux has become a must as BigData Technology follows and oriented toward Linux OS.
  • BigData being OpenSource using Linux which is also an OpenSource Technology.

The LinuxFirst program has components that suits for

Freshers : Become READY

  • Those are new to Linux environment
  • Learn Linux for Oracle DBA
  • Those want to pursue BigData or IaaS
  • Learn Linux to step towards OS Administration

Mid Experience Professionals : Get REFRESHED

  • Professional working in Data environment like Oracle DBA’s
  • Professionals now want to refresh themselves with what they know.
  • Professionals also want to learn new topics for catering upcoming technologies.

Senior Professionals : Be REVIVED

  • Highly experienced and earlier worked in Data environment
  • Presently working in higher roles with Project, Process and People Management that Technology.
  • Now want to revive the knowledge to take up newer assignments in the transition phase of the IT.



Server and hardware related topics


File System and associated topics



Editor, Shell, User and Security


Processes, Scheduler and associated topics


  Networking and Overview on Advanced Networking


5 important ways of creating Files, Copy commands, OS Admin Tools



10 important Networking commands, default environment variables


Advanced Configuration and Management