Tech Update

What’s the need for ME, the IT Professional to update???

Apply V-DO table


the technology is relevant and currently used in the Industry.


though the technology is currently used, it is getting out-of-date fast.


the technology is already outdated, continue using it is highly risky. Look for alternatives.

V-DO table

Relevance Valid Deprecated Obsolete
Updated On Current – 6 months – 1 year 6 months – 1 year – 2 years 2 years and above
Present Current Relevant Getting Out dated
Future Relevant Getting Out dated Look for alternatives Available

These three phases are also same if we consider Parameter setting with a technology, Oracle Database for example.

In Oracle Database, the initialization parameters that defines the characteristics of an Instance must have the suitable value.

The Parameter will belong to one of the following three category.

  • Valid, the parameter can be used with the current version, applications and administrator can take benefit of it.
  • Deprecated, the parameter can be used with the current version but only for backward compatibility. Will not be supported in next versions.
  • Obsolete, the parameter is out dated, alternate parameters must be used. Using this parameter is a risk and normally used only if you do not have alternatives.

Simillary for an Individual being Competitive in Career is the utmost importance.

Then How Do I, the IT Professional stay in the league of Valid Category.

Updating on the Technologies those are preferred by the Organizations.

Planning and Updating on the technologies those are considered Future of IT.

Particularly it is very important as there is a Huge Transformation in the Industry.

  • Traditional Infrastructure Management is getting transformed to IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Traditional Software Management is getting transformed to SaaS – Software as a Service.
  • Traditional Platform Management is getting transformed to PaaS – Platform as a Service.
  • Data is getting transformed as BigData.