Postgres DB

30+ Hours


  • The programs is framed to equip RDBMS Administrators those need an Open Source, reliable and robust RDBMS for their requirements
  • The training includes in-depth of concepts of PostgresDB, it’s configuration considerations, implementation and administration.
  • The exhaustive content on Administration covers the creation, deletion and managing of the components and structures optimally.
  • Inclusive User Management and Security management is covered to suit both the Administration and Development requirements.
  • The Backup and Recovery options to safeguard data, Performance enhancing options, and Cluster considerations are the important areas of learning.

What is PostgresDB ?

  • Is a powerful Object Oriented RDBMS i.e. ORDBMS.
  • Is an Enterprise Database for not only for Structured data but also for UnStructured data that is lacked by established RDBMS products.
  • Is an Open Source software that enables Organization to check there cost.
  • PostgresDB Is extremely responsive for high throughput, high volume data environment adopted for projects.
  • Has a rich features and structures well supported by PostgresSQL.

Student Speaks