30+ Hours


  • LinuxFirst program covers Server and hardware related topics
  • It includes File System and associated topics
  • Provides in-depth knowledge Shell, User and Security
  • Help to learn Processes, Scheduler and associated topics to effective usage
  • The area that is relevant to any environment and a mus for Admin is Networking covered exhaustively and also provide overview on Advanced Networking
  • Acquire 5 important ways of creating Files, Copy commands, OS Admin Tools
  • Master 10 most important Networking commands, default environment variables for easy usage
  • Advanced Configuration and Management that help in IaaS environment and BigData environment as well.

What is LinuxFirst ?

  • This program is framed to equip the IT Professionals those are is Administration wing of the IT.
  • Is an Exhaustive program to help the
    • Freshers : Become READY
    • Mid Experience Professionals : Get REFRESHED
    • Senior Professionals : Be REVIVED
  • Presently transition is from Data to BigData and Traditional Infrastructure Management to IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Linux has become a must as BigData Technology follows and oriented towards Linux OS.
  • BigData being Open Source using Linux which is also an Open Source Technology.

Student Speaks