Cassandra Administration

30+ Hours


  • Is considered as replacement technology for RDBMS as it adopts and has qualities of RDBMS though it a Prominent NoSQL database.
  • The training equip the participants with a distinguishing concepts between Cassandra and RDBMS apart from covering the Configuration and Implementation to minuscule level
  • The exhaustive coverage of CQL – Cassandra Query Language helps the participants to adopt it in Administration and Development as well.
  • The programs covers the concept, architecture and implementation of both Standalone and Cluster configuration.
  • Also the Security implementation of DB login and access, customization of CQLSH, the platform to work with Cassandra database is covered thoroughly.

What is Cassandra ?

  • Is an Important and fast emerging Column Oriented NoSQL database.
  • Is a BigData database that fundamentally stores data in Column form but can accommodate huge volume of data in a structured manner though it is UnStructured data.
  • Cassandra has features such as Replication across DataCenters, Partitioning, Clustering, feature rich Cassandra Query Language.
  • Cassandra supports of Storing – Processing – Providing large sets of Operational Data by adopting many RDBMS techniques.
  • Being an Open Source product it becomes a cost effective solution for the organization to Manage and Use BigData.

Student Speaks