AWS Expert

48+ Hours


  • AWS Expert course is framed for DB Managers, DBA’s and System Admin’s that is a Comprehensive coverage of AWS Associate and AWS Professional.
  • The program has exclusive coverage of creating account, creating and managing EC2 Instance based on Capacity Planning, a need of Managers, now translating to Team Members as well.
  • Creating and Managing the resources in comparison with Traditional Infrastructure management for optimal utilization.
  • The Program covers storage management such as EBS, S3 and Database such as RDS and traditional RDBMS considerations.
AWS Professional
AWS Advanced

What is AWS - Amazon Web Services

  • Is a Fast Emerging and swiftly Evolving Cloud Computing IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service platform.
  • Is an environment in which the cost is incurred only for the usage period by negating Obselency and Huge Investments.
  • The resources can be made available with a short notice and can be discarded immediately after usage.
  • Host of Facilities with rich Features are available to choose from hassle free interface that comprises both Console Login and Traditional Command Line Login as well.
  • By using AWS facilities, Organizations adopt and integrates International Industry Standards and Compliances without any additional cost.

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