BigData Expert

156+ Hours


  • Traditional Classroom Training with limited number of participants or
  • Instructor-led Live Online Training
  • Curriculum framed for Database Administrators
  • Topics covered in comparison with RDBMS
Bigdata Hadoop Administration
Mongo DB Administration
Cassandra Administration

What is BigData ?

  • Data → In-fact huge volume, dynamic growth and variety of data
  • Technology → A technology to Store – Process – Provide data
  • Technique → Numerous techniques to serve the purpose of the data and create value

What is Hadoop ?

  • A Framework for Storing and Processing BigData.Supports Store – Process – Provide large data sets
  • An Open Source software
  • Is a Java based programming model

What is MongoDB ?

  • A Prominent, Fast growing and Dominant NoSQL database
  • Is an Open Source product well supported by MongoDB
  • Is a Document Oriented Database used to store huge volume of UnStructured data
  • It uses Nexus Architecture that makes it a widely accepted NoSQL database
  • It has rich features such as Indexes, Replication, Sharding, Backup and Restoration, Performance enhancing storage engine and storage structures
  • The program includes MQL – MongoDB Query Language extensively and Developer configurations that helps not only the Administrators it use in development environment, also the developers to use the concepts to build the applications effectively

What is Cassandra ?

  • Is an Important and fast emerging Column Oriented NoSQL database.
  • Is a BigData database that fundamentally stores data in Column form but can accommodate huge volume of data in a structured manner though it is UnStructured data.
  • Cassandra has features such as Replication across DataCenters, Partitioning, Clustering, feature rich Cassandra Query Language.
  • Cassandra supports of Storing – Processing – Providing large sets of Operational Data by adopting many RDBMS techniques.
  • Being an Open Source product it becomes a cost effective solution for the organization to Manage and Use BigData.

What is LinuxFirst ?

  • This program is framed to equip the IT Professionals those are is Administration wing of the IT.
  • Is an Exhaustive program to help the
    • Freshers : Become READY
    • Mid Experience Professionals : Get REFRESHED
    • Senior Professionals : Be REVIVED
  • Presently transition is from Data to BigData and Traditional Infrastructure Management to IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Linux has become a must as BigData Technology follows and oriented towards Linux OS.
  • BigData being Open Source using Linux which is also an Open Source Technology.

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